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Deliver on your next strategy.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • “Everyone’s working as hard as they can, weeks are going by, but we’re just spinning our wheels.” 

  • “If we don’t get our people’s hearts and minds on this initiative, it’s probably not worth doing.”

  • "Why can't we just do this one thing? They said they would do it!" 

  • "That conference was so inspiring. Too bad we'll be back to business as usual a week from now."



Getting your strategy off the ground can feel like getting a 100,000-pound airplane off the ground. (When it works, it feels like a miracle.) But, like flight, execution obeys natural laws. 

30 years of experience in this field has taught us what it takes to get a business strategy off the ground and land it predictably—every time. 

Give your organization the tools to execute with excellence. 

Executing your top priorities feels hard because it is hard.

WOW! Best Keynote Ever. And I've seen many AAA speakers in my career!  

Chris demonstrated an understanding about our business that no other speaker has ever been able to do.  His examples were excellent and the presentation was fresh, entertaining, and relatable.”

Head of Strategic Alliances, Home Care Assistance


Find what you need.

Option 1 

Keynotes & Conferences

Tailored and industry-specific presentations for your conference or event

Option 2

Leadership Sessions

Interactive sessions with executives on how to execute top priorities

Option 3


Organization-wide session dedicated to implementing 4DX

Option 4

Virtual Events

Options 1, 2, or 3 delivered live online  

Option 5

Public Events

Buy tickets, bring your team, learn how to execute on your most important initiatives

Option 1 

Keynotes and Conferences

Tailored | Industry Specific 

Introduce your organization to the 4 Disciplines of Execution with a powerful industry-specific keynote. Because every organization is unique, Chris never gives the same presentation twice. 30 years of experience has given Chris a trove of industry-specific examples for seamless application. These industries include but are not limited to Manufacturing, IT, Sales, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, High Tech, Financial Services, Retail, Franchise, Network Marketing, Government, and Military. Book with the assurance that this presentation will be exactly what your organization needs.


Option 2

Executive Leadership Sessions

Working Session | Specific Deliverables

Maybe you have an executive team offsite to focus on a critical initiative. Or maybe you’re flying in your top 200 leaders to kick off this year’s plan.  Chris’s career has revolved around working with leadership teams on strategic execution. Over 50% of his engagements are interactive sessions with executives, applying the principles of execution to their strategic challenges.   Bring focus and discipline to this year’s strategic priorities.

Execute Leadership Sessions

Option 3


The 4 Disciplines of Execution®

Transformative Session | From “Management Concept” to “Execution System”

You’re all in and you want The 4 Disciplines of Execution to be a lasting part of the way you do business. Every organization that has successfully adopted 4DX first addressed these three questions: 1. Are we committed to the approach?  2. Do we know what we are aiming at?  3. Are we clear about implementation steps?  Join the hundreds of organizations that have booked Chris for a session dedicated to addressing these questions and implementing the 4 Disciplines of Execution.

Implementing 4DX

Option 4

Virtual Events

Option 1, 2, or 3 Delivered Over a Virtual Platform 

Do you need to reach a remote audience? Since the pandemic, Chris has spoken at over 100 virtual conferences. Whether for your whole organization or a tight group of executives, this virtual format is a great option. See options 1, 2, and 3 for details on program formats.

Virtual Events
Public Events
Option 5

Public Events

Buy Tickets | Bring Your Team

Perfect for any leadership team that wants to lock down execution. Chris has partnered with colleges around the country to host an event near you. In this workshop Chris will take your team through four critical learning objectives for great execution: 1. The Execution Challenge: Learn why over 67% of all organizational strategies fail due to poor execution. 2. The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Learn the principles of great execution applied specifically to senior leadership. 3. Defining Strategic Focus: Turn the most challenging aspects of your strategy into the fewest number of targets. 4. Getting to Commitment: How to create a high-stakes, winnable game around the parts of your strategy that demand people’s hearts and minds.


What happens 
when I book? 

Meet Nick,

Chris's Personal Business Manager.

Nick Smith has been working with Chris since 2017.


He manages all of his speaking/consulting engagements, scheduling, travel, contractual agreements, logistics, and billing,


His job– freeing you up to focus on your upcoming event and what’s most important. 

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The Booking Process 

On a Video Call


Exploratory phase

After filling out an inquiry form, Chris's private business manager will reach out to schedule an exploratory call to learn more about your upcoming event, share availability, speaker fee, and ideas for how the he can best fit into your session. Based on the outcome of this call, we’ll schedule a pre-event call with Chris McChesney.


Pre-Event Call with Chris McChesney

Whether you’ve already decided to book Chris McChesney or are using this time to ask him additional questions, this call is designed for Chris to get to know your organization. He will clarify your current strategic execution challenges, the purposes and outcomes of your event, and the design/customization of his presentation.


Pre-Event Logistics

Before the event, it's normal to have one last call to make sure we have all the logistics covered for Chris's session, including travel, final presentation customization, audio/visual needs and any final questions.


Post-Event Feedback

Let us know how we did! Your feedback is important and we are also here to answer any questions that you may have after the session.

Booking Process

What can Chris's team help us with?

We know a lot goes into making your event successful and we are here to make it easy. 

Speaker Agreement

Once you have decided to book Chris McChesney, our team goes to work.


Chris's business manager will collaborate with you on the speaker agreement, using either our standard agreement or your established work order system. 

The Contract

What's next?

Want to discuss taking this methodology even further? Our team can assist in getting your team set up in the right direction. 

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