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Common Questions

Does Chris McChesney have a speaker fee?​​ 

The author has different speaker fees for in-person and virtual sessions. Send us an inquiry from our Contact page and we will meet with you to discuss. 

Which City does Chris travel from?

Atlanta, Georgia

Do I have to pay a deposit before the event?

No down payment or deposit needed. Payment is due after the event. Our organization will send an invoice post-event. 

Do I have to use a Speakers Bureau or Speaker Agency to book Chris?

No. Chris is not exclusive to any speaker bureau or agency. You can book directly with Chris and his team will work with you on contractual agreements, event logistics, flights, event planning, marketing/advertising, social media, anything you need! 

Do I pay Chris directly after the event if I have him present?

No. Chris has been part of the FranklinCovey organization for over 20 years and all agreements/payment would be handled through FranklinCovey.