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Meet Chris 

Helping you get results through predictable execution. 

"For over 20 years, Chris's practice has helped thousands of organizations to improve their execution."

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Lead author of #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling business book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution®

  • Wall Street Journal’s #1 Best-Seller

  • 1 million+ copies sold 

  • 15 languages

What are the 4 Disciplines?

Chris has a single focus: helping organizations get results through predictable execution. 

Worldwide Impact

Chris has been the Global Practice Leader of Execution for Franklin Covey for 20 years.


  • Chris’s team of 4DX consultants has worked with 4,000+ organizations around the world

  • Chris has spoken in 22 countries on 6 continents

  • Personally led many of the most noted implementations of 4DX

  • One of the highest-rated speakers for the Global Leadership Summit 

Life & family


Chris and his wife Constance live in Atlanta, Georgia. They are the proud parents of five daughters and two sons.

And one grandson. 

Chris’s downtime is divided between his passion for waterskiing and windshield talks with his kids.

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