Virtual & In-Person Programs

Have an upcoming event? Chris McChesney has been presenting for over 25 years on a wide variety of topics and themes, including his Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. Chris customizes each of his presentations and works with organizations to craft the perfect session. Sessions below are examples of past speaking engagements and can be completely customized and delivered in-person or virtually. 


Executing in Uncertainty & Complexity

People can only handle so much ambiguity. We are currently experiencing "ambiguity poisoning" in every aspect of life. But we can lower the ambiguity threshold by saying: "We know the one thing we are going to do right now." Executing strategic priorities is always about maintaining focus amidst distraction and complexity. More than ever, leaders need to clarify the one goal that their team should focus on, and avoid the complexity trap.


4DX (The 4 Disciplines of Execution) Keynote

“Executing Strategy” is consistently ranked as THE top leadership challenge for executives. Chris coauthored “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” in 2012, and it is currently the best-selling book in the world on the topic of execution. Chris’s 4DX keynote was rated as one of the top three presentations at the world’s largest leadership conference, the Global Leadership Summit in 2016 (with 350,000 attendees). Chris has also given the 4DX keynote at locations around the globe with the World Business Forum (WOBI). The 4DX keynote dives into the universal challenges of why almost every leader, and every organization, will struggle with execution. This keynote teaches the simple, but profound, disciplines that can be applied the next day, but take a lifetime to master.


The 4DX Keynote (Industry Specific)

The Execution Consulting Practice Chris has led at FranklinCovey since 2003 has worked with over 3,000 organizations, across every industry category, on executing strategy. Because of this, Chris can customize the keynote to any type of industry or organization with specific examples that don’t require participants to struggle with application. These include, but are not limited to Manufacturing, Information Technology, Sales and Territory Management, Health Care, Software Development, Pharmaceutical, Research and Development, Hospitality, High Tech, Customer Experience, Retail, Supply Chain, Franchise, Network Marketing, Consumer Goods, Government, Military and Non-Profit.


The “Lock-and-Load” Breakout Sessions

This is a break-out session that Chris can add on to his 4DX Keynote the same day at no additional cost. As part of this session, participants receive a 6-month free subscription to the online 4DX Operating System. This break-out session is used only for associations, sales organizations, franchises and other multi-unit operations where your participants run similar operations. In this breakout, Chris teaches the participants how to use the on-line operating system for weekly execution and scorekeeping. Participants (who will need to have internet access and laptops, tablets, or phones) are able to select from a drop-down menu of preselected Lag and Lead Measures. They leave this session with a working execution system to immediately begin executing. Once their teams are executing they have the option to compete with other teams that have chosen the same Lag Measure within your organization or association. This is a very popular online gaming and social media environment built within 4DX OS.


Strategy Execution Workshop

This 6-hour session is ideal for senior leader and groups of senior leadership teams. This is particularly popular for associations that hold conferences, or tracks within conferences, exclusively to senior leaders. The first 2-hours of this session provides a deep understanding of strategic execution for executive leadership. The next 4 hours is a highly interactive session where Chris takes the leaders through a series of exercises and case studies. This gives the executives a chance to apply these principles of execution to their current strategic agenda or strategic plan. This is a rare chance for your leaders to work with a global thought leader on their strategy at a fraction of cost it would take for an in-house consultation.


Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics is for those organizations who are applying 4DX or who have previously experienced the 4DX keynote. Here, Chris shares leadership insights from the best executing leaders in the world. Principles best understood once a leader has a working knowledge of the mechanics of execution. Beyond the Basics teaches leaders how to create the “high-stake-winnable game”. How to go from being a leader who pushes strategy to one who captures hearts and minds towards advancing strategic objectives. FranklinCovey has been one of the most recognized names in the development of leaders since the late 1980s. Beyond the Basics is one of the most powerful leadership experiences Franklin Covey has ever offered and a powerful way to energize your current 4DX efforts.


The Principles of Execution

This Keynote is for organizations who have an existing execution operating system other than 4DX (ie. Strategy Deployment, OKRs, Rockefeller Habits), they want the energy and insight that Chris and 4DX bring, but don’t want to create confusion by introducing new terminology or a new process. In Principles of Execution Chris applies the leadership lessons, learned from over 3,000 strategic implementations to the process the organization is currently running. The principles that underpin 4DX (Focus, Leverage, Engagement, and Accountability) are powerful when applied to any execution system. Moreover, they often provide a critical link to the human component of execution that many organizations feel is missing.


Booking Process

Did you know Chris McChesney has his own personal Business Manager? Nick Smith has been working with the author since 2017 and manages all of Chris's speaking and consulting engagements, scheduling, travel logistics, contractual agreements, logistics and billing, freeing you up to focus on your upcoming event and whats most important. 

Whats the process look like to book the Author?


Exploratory Phase

After filling out our inquiry form on our contact page, Chris's business manager will reach out to schedule an exploratory call to learn more about your upcoming event, sharing availability, speaker fee, and ideas around how the author can best fit into your session. Based on the outcome of this call, a pre-event call will then be scheduled with the author. If you would like to speak with the author before you make a final decision, we'd be happy to schedule an exploratory call between you and the author. 


Pre-Event Call with Chris McChesney

Whether you have decided to book Chris already or are using this time to ask him additional questions, this call is designed for Chris to get to know your organization, understand current strategic execution challenges, purpose and outcomes of your planned event, and the design/customization of his presentation. 

(Speaker Agreement Set Up)

Pre-Event Logistics

Before the event, it's normal to have one last call to make sure we have all the logistics covered for Chris's session, including his travel, final presentation customization, audio/visual needs and any final questions. 

(Session Date)

Post-Event Feedback

Let us know how we did! Your feedback is important and we are also here to answer any questions that you may have after the session. ("How can we get more?", "What other programs do you have to support what we have learned?")

(Speaker fee billed after the event)

What can Chris's team help us with?

Speaker Agreement

Once you have decided to book Chris McChesney our team goes to work. Chris's business manager and support team will begin working with you on the speaker agreement, either using our standard agreement or working through your established work order system. 

Event Marketing

Our team has worked with many organizations on planning their events. Who should attend? How much should we charge? How do we advertise Chris's session? Digital flyers, social media posts, learning outcomes and key takeaways. We know a lot goes into making your event successful and we are here to make it easy. 


Being part of the FranklinCovey organization allows us to take advantage of our corporate discounts with all major airlines and hotels. Chris McChesney travels First Class out of Atlanta, Georgia and our corporate travel office will book Chris's travel based on his planned session times with your organization. We are happy to book the lodging for Chris, or you may also book the hotel to make expenses more streamlined. 

What comes next?

Want to discuss taking this methodology even further? Our team can assist in getting your team set up in the right direction.